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Rayner announces world’s first implantations of RayOne EMV Toric

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​Rayner, the pioneering manufacturer and supplier of ophthalmic solutions for cataract and refractive surgery, today announced that the world’s first implantations of RayOne EMV Toric had been performed by two highly respected surgeons from the UK.

RayOne EMV Toric is the awaited toric variant of Rayner’s popular RayOne EMV enhanced monofocal IOL that was developed in collaboration with world-renowned surgeon, Professor Graham Barrett.

The RayOne EMV platform features a truly non-diffractive optic that provides patients with >1.5 D1,4of high quality natural vision with an emmetropic target. Following excellent surgeon feedback for RayOne EMV’s monofocal levels of contrast sensitivity1, dysphotopsia2and high levels of patient satisfaction3, RayOne EMV Toric has been designed to allow surgeons to additionally correct corneal astigmatism with a wide selection of IOL plane cylinders.

The world’s first implantations of RayOne EMV Toric were performed by Mr Allon Barsam (OCL Vision, London) and Mr Amir Hamid (Optegra, London).

Commenting on being first implanters of RayOne EMV Toric:

Mr Barsam –

“When a patient is not suitable for a trifocal IOL or does not demand total spectacle independence then RayOne EMV is my go-to enhanced lens option. RayOne EMV reliably provides my patients with excellent distance and intermediate vision, as well as functional near vision for everyday tasks, with no additional chair time over a standard monofocal lens. Consequently, I jumped at the opportunity to implant the new toric model.”

Mr Hamid –

“Enhanced monofocal IOLs are one of the most exciting areas of ophthalmology at the moment; coupling distance and intermediate spectacle independence with low levels of dysphotopsia is highly desirable for patients. I am a big user of toric lenses so was excited to be a first implanter of RayOne EMV Toric. The bilateral surgeries went smoothly, and I look forward to sharing my clinical results in the coming months.”

On the launch of RayOne EMV Toric, Rayner CEO, Tim Clover remarked:

“Since launching RayOne EMV in 2020, one of the most frequent questions asked to me by surgeons has been ‘when will be the toric version be available?’. Our organisation has worked tirelessly over the last two years to develop the new toric EMV optic, which I am thrilled that we’re launching at this year’s ESCRS congress in Milan. RayOne EMV Toric is the latest premium lens in our ever-growing portfolio, supporting our mission to offer the very best visual outcomes for surgeons and their patients.”

RayOne EMV Toric will be available to order in the UK and CE certificate-accepting countries from 7thOctober 2022. Further country availability is subject to international regulatory approvals.