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Rayner Unveils Exciting Enhancements to Digital Platforms at ESCRS 2023, Booth B303

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Worthing, United Kingdom– Rayner, a pioneering leader in ophthalmic innovation, is thrilled to announce a series of ground-breaking updates to its digital platforms, RayPRO and Peer2Peer, set to redefine patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) and elevate clinical ophthalmic education. Attendees of the ESCRS 2023 congress are invited to explore these transformative advancements at booth B303.

RayPRO: Long-term, real-time, patient-reported insights

For over a century, Rayner has strived to provide the best visual outcomes for both patients and clinicians. RayPRO, Rayner’s digital insights tool, enhances this commitment through a focus on patients’ post-operative quality of vision, reported over three years, effortlessly harnessing the power of big data to support decision-making and long-term patient follow up.

Major enhancements to RayPRO include:

  • Cat-PROM5

    – patients can now be sent this clinically validated five-question questionnaire.

  • Integration with Raytrace

    – clinical teams can now seamlessly register patients on RayPRO at the time of online IOL calculation.

  • Multiple patient upload

    – up to 200 patients can now be uploaded to RayPRO at once via a simple CSV file.

  • IOL vs IOL comparison

    – surgeons can now compare key performance indicators such as spectacle independence and dysphotopsia at both three months and one year post-operatively, for up to three IOLs – any manufacturer, any model.

  • Intuitive user interface

    – RayPRO has been completely redesigned from the ground up to support data driven analysis.

Peer2Peer: Elevate Your Ophthalmic Education

Rayner’s commitment to advancing clinical education takes a major step forward with the unveiling of Peer2Peer 2.0 – an upgraded KOL-led clinical education platform that serves as the ultimate hub for ophthalmic surgeons striving to enhance their skills and champion exceptional patient care in cataract and refractive surgery.

Since its launch in 2022, the open access Peer2Peer website has generated a staggering 5,000 hours of viewing across over 20 webinars, 8 symposiums, 20 podcasts and 100 surgeon interviews, which is testament to the quality of the KOL surgeon content creators, and the intrigue and interest from the ophthalmic community to continually learn from their peers’ experiences. Peer2Peer 2.0 allows visitors to search through all this content in a simple and intuitive way, ensuring the insights are accessible to all who visit the website. For those who have not yet experienced Peer2Peer, they can

Join us on booth B303 during ESCRS 2023 to embark on an immersive journey into the future of ophthalmic excellence. Discover first-hand the remarkable potential of RayPRO with Cat-PROM5, and the transformative power of Peer2Peer. Rayner remains dedicated to shaping the landscape of ophthalmology by harnessing digital innovation to empower clinicians and enhance patient care.