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Rayner launches ‘Peer2Peer: The Podcast’ for clinical education on the move

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  • The first seven episodes of ‘Peer2Peer: The Podcast’ are now available, featuring

    Dr Lisa Nijm (USA), Dr Paul Singh (USA), Dr Stefanie Schmickler (Germany), Dr Josefina Botta (Argentina), Dr Karl Stonecipher (USA), Professor Graham Barrett (Australia),

    Mr Paul Rosen (UK), Mr Allon Barsam (UK), Mr Andrew Turnbull (UK), Dr Eric Donnenfeld (USA) and Dr Jerry Hu (USA).

  • Available on the following podcast providers

  • New episodes released fortnightly – subscribe today!

Worthing, United Kingdom. Rayner, the pioneering manufacturer and supplier of ophthalmic solutions for cataract and refractive surgery, today announced the launch of the latest addition to their Peer2Peer clinical education platform – ‘Peer2Peer: The Podcast’.

What can surgeons expect from ‘Peer2Peer: The Podcast’?
From the dos and don’ts of implanting toric IOLs, to marketing your clinic online, popular Rayner innovations, and female leadership in ophthalmology; the team at ‘Peer2Peer: The Podcast’ pledges to leave no stone unturned when it comes to exploring the most important topics in cataract and refractive surgery.

Each episode brings together a roster of carefully selected hosts and guests from around the world, resulting in a mix of invaluable insights and unscripted moments you won’t want to miss.

Why a podcast series?
Peer2Peer is Rayner’s now establishedclinical educationplatform that will continue to deliver extensivesurgeon-led contentthroughout 2023. Until today, resources have been developed and shared through webinars, video interviews, articles, and live events; however, the addition of a podcast series gives surgeons more flexibility over when and where they engage with Peer2Peer topics.

More than just education. ‘Peer2Peer: The Podcast’ for motivation and inspiration
Keen podcast fans will know that there’s something about the audio-only format that makes a podcast so much more than just a cerebral learning event; listeners are taken on a journey which calls upon their own experiences and perspectives.

Even if the podcast topic isn’t of immediate interest, it may be the host or guest that catches your attention and motivates you to try something new in the operating room.

You can find ‘Peer2Peer: The Podcast’ on your favourite podcast provider, with a new episode released every two weeks