New Technology Specialist

Location Brazil
Discipline: Research & development
Job type: Permanent Full Time
Job ref: 002486
Published: about 1 year ago

Company overview 

Rayner is a leading developer and manufacturer of ophthalmic implants and pharmaceuticals with global headquarters in Worthing, UK. We specialize in the design and manufacture of intraocular lenses (IOLs) and related products, such as OVDs and pharmaceuticals used in cataract and refractive surgery. Since the manufacture of the world’s first IOL by Rayner in 1949, we have continuously pioneered IOL design with a goal of improving vision and restoring sight worldwide. The first ever FDA- approved IOL was a Rayner lens. Today, over 26 million IOLs are implanted around the world every year, and it is globally the most performed elective surgical procedure. Our mission is simple: to deliver excellent visual outcomes for patients and surgeons.

In June 2021 Rayner was acquired by CVC, an international Private Equity business with substantial funds under management. CVC has already shown itself to be an excellent partner to Rayner and has demonstrated its commitment to grow the business internationally. With CVC as our partner, we have the resources to make further investments in ophthalmology.

Since Rayner was founded in 1910, we have established a reputation for innovation and product excellence. Rayner has over 600 employees in the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, US, Canada, Malaysia and India.


Purpose of the Role / Key activities and accountabilities 

Your key responsibilities will be:

*        Deliver reports on state-of-the-art areas and technologies within the ophthalmic field.

*        Maintain up to date reviews of relevant IP activities and scientific publishing of key competitors, researchers and research groups. 

*        Develop and manage a pipeline of research collaborations. 

*        Support NPD projects with specific demands associated to literature review and patent assessment.


*        Supporting ongoing New Product Development (NPD) through knowledge capture and management, and identification of new opportunities

o   Continuous literature review:

§  Identify research trends in the field

§  Prepare (write and present) reports on state-of-the-art of specific technologies

§  Filter relevant publications and add them to Citavi

o   Patent search and review:

§  Monitor competitor and independent research group IP activities (e.g. patent assessment)

§  Identify promising ideas for further follow up

§  Support the writing of new patents

o   Support to NPD projects:

§  Research and produce reports on background literature

§  Prepare reports to support decision making and critical phases of projects (e.g. preparing for clinical trials, support to risk-benefit analysis)

*        Supporting establishment and management of research collaborations:

o   Identify key authors & research groups and monitor their research activities

o   Support the technical and risk analysis of research proposals

o   Support and lead technical discussions with research groups

o   Support the writing and analysis of technical reports resulting from external collaborations

*        Supporting the development of new businesses opportunities (e.g. M&A):

o   Support ‘freedom to operate’ analysis

o   Support literature review to understand specific technologies

o   Support risk analysis based on scientific knowledge




Ambition: We play to win.

Focus: We put patients first. 

Integrity: We keep our promises.

Openness: We are passionate about new ideas.

Respect: We support each other.


Core and role specific competencies 


*  Good analytical skills.

*  Excellent technical writing.

*  Good ability to navigate across multidisciplinary scientific topics, especially those in the interface between engineering and ophthalmology.

*  Proactivity and creativity to propose new ideas and identify opportunities.

*  Ability to summarize and build top-level understanding of new topics whilst navigating through technical details.

*  Good communication, in order to report results and attend/lead meetings with different audiences, e.g. surgeons, academic researchers, professors, technical teams, company leaders.

*  Results-oriented.

*  Good ability to work with multidisciplinary teams.

*  Accountability for results and work procedures.

*  Ability to work independently.

*  Ability to work remotely, using different digital resources to integrate to global teams and to record the work conducted.


Qualifications/ Training/Experience 


*  Master’s degree or higher.

*  Experience in academic works and literature research on topics including the interface between biosciences and engineering.

*  Experience writing scientific and technical reports.



*  Academic experience related to ophthalmology.

*  Good knowledge of scientific methods and statistics applied to clinical data analysis.

*  Experience in patent analysis.